Artistic Project

Lips Painted Red

Lips Painted Red. Strategies to Create and Maintain Female Identities
Curated by Pontus Kyander
Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norway

The 2013 centenary of women’s vote in Norway has to be understood as part of a much wider emancipation, and not only focusing on women’s rights, but also on human rights. Today, the frontier of gender equality has moved from giving two genders equal political rights, into critically examining the whole issue of gender(s). On the top of political agendas are the equal rights of individuals and groups with transgender experiences to not only select their sex, but also retain their rights to biological or other reproduction.

The largest section of Lips Painted Red, (re-)appropriate at TKM Bispegata, approaches identities and bodies as domains that are denied, distorted, appropriated, contested, destabilized, and continuously re-configured. This is not a survey, as the area is too vast and multifaceted, but gives insights and perspectives, from surrealist pioneer photographer Claude Cahun exploring gender transgression to the works of Nkule Mabaso, investigating constructions of race and female identity. Croatian conceptualist Sanja Iveković is yet another pioneering artist who consistently has worked with gender issues and gender stereotypes. (extract of exhibition text)

Installation view:

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