Artistic Project

Some Bodies Episode 1

17 August – 7 September 2013
Somebodies (Ep.1)

Female identity is today much more than before, defined by outward appearances. To oppose the dictates of advertising and fashion world to create a few. The South African artist Nkule Mabaso this also has not in mind. Quite the contrary. Is this issue but the driver of their artistic work. How can (sexually) make it attractive woman today? About the hair, for example. But only there, of course, where they are still tolerated – namely on the head. And there is twirled in South Africa, gezöpfelt, colored, stretched, braided and extended, with artificial, but also foreign real hair.

Can it be that female identity and attractiveness can be completely reduced to the hair? Mabaso is the equally ironic as succinct answer by strung 150 tufts of hair, which she wore three months on the head, on a 200 x 150 cm large plywood board plugged in, as they would have anreten to appeal. This work calls it “Self Portrait”.

The artist grew up in a country that has changed the roles in recent times to an astonishing and admirable peaceful way between black and white. Nevertheless, white Mabaso, as dark-skinned woman, what discrimination and racism means and discussed this repeatedly in their work.

In a work cycle it appears to the Euro-centric view of the black woman by imWildkatzendress herself photographed in supposedly submissive and lascivious attitude. On these pictures she subsequently applied this, the shoot-borne, synthetic hair, but now on her body. A sacrilege in various respects. The (white) viewer sees himself whether he wants to or not, put in the role of voyeur. Does he now afraid of this creature, which has become the passive object of observation to real wildcat or can he still look forward to the “Red hot Lips”? Man (n) feels caught. This is lust and funny at the same time.

For a further group of works, the artist fills condoms from plaster and generated with few interventions swelling and flowing breasts. This leaves it and flow in small and larger groups – or hang. The sexes go to another or one merges into the other. The sensual lightness and uncompromising directness with which Nkule Mabaso in these complex topics move and express themselves artistically express at a high level can, perplexed and makes one curious about more episodes of “Somebodies (Ep.1).
Michael Nitsch, August 2013

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