Curatorial Project

Lecture: Narrative, Memory and Site

In the lecture NARRATIVE, MEMORY AND SITE Prof. Jyoti Mistry looks at the ideas of context in two distinct ways. The first considers the role and place of the “black cube” of film as a communal, collective experience and the implications of the ways in which the “black cube” screening space is increasingly repositioned inside the “white cube” of the gallery or the museum. What are the implications of the cinematic experience which are often linear experiences (informed by narrative or causal relations) when repositioned as fragments or loops; often experienced as co-incidental encounters in the context of a broader artistic experience in a gallery/museum?  The second concern addressed in this talk reflects on the idea of context from geo-political and socio-cultural spaces.  In a time of cosmopolitan values in metropolitan spaces like cities or when political geographies are constantly being interrogated through discourses of migration can ideas of “origin”;  dislocation and navigation be radically rethought and represented in non-paradigmatic ways?  The installation piece XENOS offers an intervention into the ideas of spatial origin and migration. The approach explored in this exhibition is to contrast the spatial geographies created in the MOTION IN CITIES components of the exhibition and is contrasted with the idea of the need to collapse disciplinary boundaries as suggested by Bruno Latour in We Have Never Been Modern (1991) in the XENOS installation.

In different ways and to varying degrees; different aspects of this exhibition bring together an enquiry of communities from the position of “the insider” and as an observational “outsider.” 


Das «Gasthaus zum Bären» ist als interdisziplinäre Plattform angelegt, auf der Fragen der Gegenwart und Zukunft mit Akteuren der Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik und Kunst verhandelt werden. Es ist ein gemeinsames Projekt des Think Tanks W.I.R.E. und von CURATING (PP in Curating ZHdK und Webjournal mit Unterstützung der Stadt Zürich.

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