Curatorial Project

Being with / the Other, Zurich

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organised by Nkule Mabaso and Ashraf Osman as part of Curating Your Context:
Each country has its own peculiar brand of identity and other politics, yet ‘culture’ is multilayered and always hybrid and all ‘cultural’ identifications are imaginary, especially so in the digital age. The discussion will revolve around how individual practices approach the question how societal, cultural, political, social, urban and architectural contexts and forms in their work are researched and discovered and then how their positions are presented to the public.
Additionally Curating your Context sees a central task in the initiation of context related working: What is the context? How is it approached it? What does it mean to work with relationships with a context? How are neighbouring communities integrated and where, and in what form do works take.


RAYELLE NIEMANN, Zurich, works as a free-lance curator, writer and artist. Her projects revolve around the research on social phenomenon and spaces/places created by and provided for the human being, and the arising reciprocal influences and effects. From 2003 to 2012 she was based in Cairo. Projects took her to Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. Together with Erik Dettwiler she is co-curating since 2008.

ALAA ABU ASAD is a Palestinian artist currently in residence at Gästeatelier Krone in Aarau. His photo and video work focuses on themes of otherness, sexuality and politics.

PIERRE FOUCHE, Cape Town based artist, his employment of portraiture, the languorous gaze, domestic photography, intersect with desire and constitute examples of the subtle and poetic side of queer representation.

VICTORIA UDONDIAN, Nigeria, trained as a tailor and fashion designer. Her work today is informed by her interest in textiles, in the capacity of clothing to shape identity and the histories and tacit meanings woven into everyday materials.

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