About Nkule

1988 born in Newcastle, South Africa
2012–2014 MAS Curating, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK (with Distinction)
2011 Founded the Newcastle Creative Network
2008–2011 BA in Fine Art (Dean’s Merit List), University of Cape Town

2018 “Decolonising Art and Cultural Institutions” Publication. Editors:Prof. Jyoti Mistry, Prof. David Andrew, Nkule Mabaso.

I graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Cape Town (2011) and received a Masters in Curating at the Postgraduate Programme in Curating ZHdK, Zürich (2014).

I have worked as Assistant Editor of the journal OnCurating.org,2013 and founded the Newcastle Creative Network in Kwazulu Natal, 2011. As an artist, my work has shown work in Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Germany, and Zimbabwe. I have curated shows and organised public talks in Switzerland, Malawi, Tanzania, and South Africa, The Netherlands. Currently I work as gallery curator of the Michaelis Galleries at the University of Cape Town. I am a PHD Candidate at Rhodes University as part of the research team SARChI Chair ‹Geopolitics and the Arts of Africa›. My research focuses on the Kwazulu Natal interior and calls for the development of context specific policy and that will provide the strategies for the mechanisation of the economic potential of culture in the context of small cities and large towns in South Africa. Specifically the research aims to produce recommendations for the creation of a well-structured municipal cultural policy for the small city of Newcastle that will be a resource that can generate new localised possibilities for the support of local cultural projects at municipal level.


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