• Artistic Project

    Strange and Bitter Fruit

    “Strange and Bitter fruit” is a selection of works from a larger body of work and is a continuation of my exploration of representation and sexualized otherness. The title “Strange and bitter fruit” is taken from Abel Meeropol’s  poem “Strange Fruit” performed, most famously, by Billie Holiday. The song speaks about racism in America and the lynching of black American slaves.…

  • Artistic Project

    Some Bodies Episode 1

    17 August – 7 September 2013 Somebodies (Ep.1) Female identity is today much more than before, defined by outward appearances. To oppose the dictates of advertising and fashion world to create a few. The South African artist Nkule Mabaso this also has not in mind. Quite the contrary. Is this issue but the driver of their artistic work. How can…

  • Artistic Project,  Performance

    Black Threat, Zimbabwe

    Maninzi Kwatshube Shocks Zimbabwean Theatre Audiences with Mabaso’s Black Threat A second year University of Cape Town drama student, Maninzi Kwatshube, brought a moving piece of theatre to the Savanna Trust hosted festival, Protest Arts International Festival (PAIF). This is the fourth edition of the festival and it ran under the theme ‘Imagining and Re-Inventing the Future’. When Maninzi heard…

  • Artistic Project

    Lips Painted Red

    Lips Painted Red. Strategies to Create and Maintain Female Identities Curated by Pontus Kyander Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norway The 2013 centenary of women’s vote in Norway has to be understood as part of a much wider emancipation, and not only focusing on women’s rights, but also on human rights. Today, the frontier of gender equality has moved from giving two genders…

  • Artistic Project

    Hair is where the story is

    Sound abstracts from a series of powerful and moving conversations with friends and relatives on the subject of hair and the subjectivities it presents or belies. The conversations weave the intangible stories of self and personhood that sometimes manifest themselves in the adoption of particular hairstyles and modes of dress and how these come to represent how we wish to…

  • Artistic Project

    Expandable Black Bodies

    Images of race and representation have become a contemporary obsession and the body as a political site remains an object of intense elaboration and preoccupation in many societies. This project is about challenging the construction of the images that represent black female bodies as expandable. Popular media continues to propagate the myth of an artificially constructed ideal beauty through advertising…

  • Artistic Project

    Installation detail

    Photograph courtesy of Kyle Mijlof http://kylemijlof.blogspot.com/  Detail of the installation of The Black Threat in the Michealis building as presented for the graduate exhibition. The hair descends through the center of the building from the ground floor through to the fourth floor.  

  • Artistic Project

    The Dread

    The fantasy of longer, thicker, more luxurious hair plays on the idea that an exponential increase in hair will automatically result in an exponential increase in beauty. This black Rapunzel’s dreadlocks threaten to engulf and consume everything in their path, they are in control of her and seek to psychologically dominate all those attracted to them…

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