• Performance

    The Black Threat

    The main character played out by Maninzi, is a black Rapunzel trapped in a tower of conceit and self-hatred and can only find true freedom and peace if she can break away from her hair. Unfortunately for her, no Prince is really interested in a self absorbed little princess so in order to get herself from her situation, Rapunzel must…

  • Artistic Project,  Performance

    Black Threat, Zimbabwe

    Maninzi Kwatshube Shocks Zimbabwean Theatre Audiences with Mabaso’s Black Threat A second year University of Cape Town drama student, Maninzi Kwatshube, brought a moving piece of theatre to the Savanna Trust hosted festival, Protest Arts International Festival (PAIF). This is the fourth edition of the festival and it ran under the theme ‘Imagining and Re-Inventing the Future’. When Maninzi heard…

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