1988 born in Newcastle, South Africa
2012–2014 MAS Curating, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste ZHdK
2011 Founded the Newcastle Creative Network
2008–2011 BA in Fine Art (Dean’s Merit List), University of Cape Town

06 September Fantastic. Group Show. Co-Curator Nomusa Makhubu, Michaelis Gallery, Cape Town
2015 Biennales in Third Context. Research Publication, Oncurating Journal
2016 Decolonisation and the Scopic Regime. Looking at films, photography, video games, from past exhibitions to reflect critically on what what visions of Africa and ‘scopic regimes’ are implied.

2012 Umvithi Youth Development Foundation, Kwazulu Natal Young Achievers Awards, Craft Arts Category
2012 National Arts Council Bursary for International Postgraduate Studies 2013
2012 Arts and Culture Trust Bursary for The Art of the Creative Economy Conference
2012 Solo Room Exhibition Award 2013, Charlottenborg Fonden Denmark
2011 Deans Merit List, Humanities, University of Cape Town
2008 Entrance Scholarship University of Cape Town
2006 Runner up in the DBSA’s bi-annual Schools Art Competition

Curated Shows
2015 Nkule Mabaso. “Earth Bound” Michaelis Galleries
2015 Nomusa Makhubu, Nkule Mabaso.” Fantastic” Michaelis Galleries, Co-curator
2014 “Over, Across, Between” Blantyre Arts Festival, Former French Arts Cultural Center, Malawi
2014 Joyti Mistry. Film Installation and Public Talk of work by Mistry Museum Baerengasse Zurich
2014 Overwhelmingly Ordinary. Flim Program with Danisdh Artists: Museum Baerengasse Zurich.
2013 Same Difference: Sculpture in relation. Kustkammer Schileren, Zurich. John Canciani, Tanja Trampe, Nkule Mabaso, Anne Koskiluoma (Ein Kulturengagement der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zürcher Bildhauer AZB)
2013 Public Faculty No.7 Zurich with Jeanne van Heeswijk and Silvia Simoncelli (Producer)

Event Organisation
2015 1 August Two Newcastle’s: Searching for a Shared Context (Between Ireland and South Africa) organised for the Newcastle Creative Network
2014 24-26 October Newcastle Township Arts Festival, Madadeni Township Newcastle, South Africa, organised for the Newcastle Creative Network
16 April  Gabi Ngcobo Public Talk “I’ve got your back/ Watch your back” Baerengasse, Zurich
2014 19 March  Being with/ the Other Victoria Undondian (Nigeria), Pierre Fouche (South Africa), Alaa Abu Assad (Palastine), Rayelle Niemann (Berlin), Museum Baerengasse, Zurich
2013 07 December  Artistic Practice Public Talk Ed Young, Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich
2012 Wild Jam Sunday Sessions Township Arts Experience Madadeni Township Newcastle

Research Residency in Tanzania supported by >>Prohelvetia<< Johannesburg for the Newcastle Creative Network

Solo Exhibition
2013 «Some Bodies (Ep.1)», «gastspiel – Raum für Interventionen und Impulse», Zurich, Switzerland

Group Exhibitions
2013 «Lips Painted Red», Strategies to create and maintain female identities, (Thematic show), Curated by director Pontus Kyander, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norway (Catalogue)
2013 «NordArt 2013», International Art Exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Germany (Catalogue)
2013 «The Black Threat», Performance (with Maninzi Kwatshube)», Infecting The City Festival, Africa Arts Center, Cape Town City, South Africa
2013 «A Strange and Bitter Fruit», solo, Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Denmark (Catalogue)
2012 «The Black Threat», Performance (with Maninzi Kwatshube), International Protest Arts Festival, University of Harare, Zimbabwe
2012 «Absa L’atelier», Top 100 Finalist, Group Exhibition Absa Gallery, Johannesburg , South Africa (Catalogue)
2012 «Arts Lounge», Solo Performance and Panel Discussion, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown, Rhodes University, South Africa
2012 «Cape Winelands Film Festival», Group Exhibition Artscape, City of Cape Town, South Africa
2012 «The Spring Exhibition», International Juried Show, Charlottenborg Fonden, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 «Krisp», Group Show, The City of Cape Town, South Africa
2011 «Michealis», (Catalogue), Graduate Show, University of Cape Town, South Africa
2010 «Amani», Arts Festival, IZIKO, Cape Town, South Africa
2010 «1: Nineteen», Curated Student Exhibition, University of Cape Town, South Africa
2006 «DBSA Schools Art Competition», The Development Bank of South Africa

Various Danish Private Collections
2013 Benetton Foundation, Italy
2012 Various South African Private Collections
2011 University of Cape Town Permanent Collection

Conferences, Discussions and Symposia
2015 04 June >>No Particular Strategies from the window to the wall<< CCA Speaker Series #15 Center for Curating the Archive, University of Cape Town, South Africa Organised by Nancy Dantas
2015 13-15 March >>Politically No Longer Possible<< Between democracies 1989-2014: Remembering, narrating and reimagining the past in Eastern and Central Europe and Southern Africa, University of Johannesburg, South Africa Convened by Judy Peter
2014 06 October >>Field note: positions on collaboration<< Chair of Discussion 
04 April, >>Activating the local<< Art & Community. Connecting Spaces, Hong Kong. Presenter.
2014 13 March >>Newcastle Creative Network: Collaborated Communal Practices in Public Space<< Presentation of research: Trans-disciplinary Studies ZHdK, Zurich + workshop for MA Students
2014 30 Jan >>Vulnerability and Resistance| The Public Dis/Appearance of Bodies <<  Kunstraum   Niederoesterreich, Vienna. (Delegate) Produced by Elke Kransy
2013 8,9th Nov >>Third, Fourth and Fifth Spaces: Curatorial practices in new public and social (digital) spaces<<. Symposium
2013 4 May >>Who’s afraid of the Public?<< ICA London Symposium (delegate)
2013 10, 12 March >>Curate Your Context<<, CCA Tel Aviv Workshop led by Dorothee Richter,
2012 24,25 May >>The Art of the Creative Economy<<, ACT/UJ Arts & Culture Conference, Johannesburg

Nordart 2013. Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Germany, International Group Exhibition
2013      Spring Exhibition 2013. Charlottenborg Fonden. Copenhagen, Denmark
2012      Absa L’aterlier Top 100 Finalist Catalogue. Absa Gallery. Johannesburg
2011      Michaelis School of Fine Art Graduate Class Catalogue 2011. Cape Town

Nkule Mabaso. “Earth Bound” Michaelis Galleries  ISBN: 978-0-620-68230-5
2015 Nomusa Makhubu, Nkule Mabaso.” Fantastic” Michaelis Galleries ISBN: 978-0-620-68228-2
2015 Nkule Mabaso A Special Exhibit of Horror Vacui” Arthrob
2015 Nkule Mabaso Nothing Wrong with Speaking Backing: Views on an 2015 Nkule Mabaso “No Longer Politically Possible” Third Text (Upcoming) 2015 Nkule Mabaso “The Art of The Possible: Mawande Ka Zenzile” Arthrob 2014 Nkule Mabaso “The Adequate Compensation for Suffering in Digging Our Own Graves by Gabi Ngcobo and CHR for the Berlin Biennale. Edition Newspaper publication.
2014 Nkule Mabaso, Dorothee Richter. ”Curating: politics of display, politics of site and politics of transfer and translation”. Editorial. Journal. Issue 22. April 2014
2014 Nkule Mabaso. “Interview with Anton Vidokle”. Interview. Journal. Issue 22. April 2014
2013 Nkule Mabaso, Michael Birchall. “On Artistic and Curatorial Authorship: Artist-curator Gavin Wade on authorship, curating at Eastside Projects and the post-industrial city“. Interview. Issue 19. June 2013 _______________________________________________________________________________________
2014 Monika Molnar. Was Zurueckbleibt. Artensuite: Schweizer Kunstmagazin März 2014 pg 14-17 2012 Feature of Graduate show body of work in online Magazine 2011/2012 Open+Gallery Issue1 _______________________________________________________________________________________
Daily Press
2013 Vi er (i princippet) alle kunstnere.Jacob Lillemose. kunstkritikk.norway. 05 March
2012 Sex rules! Springtime for Stifler and sexuality. The Copenhagen Post.  March 08
2012 Local artists to be given a new platformReveshni Moodley. Newcastle Advertiser. 07 March
2012 World is KZN artist’s Oyster Siphumelele Mngoma. City Press August 12
2012 Taking the Galleries to the Township. Reveshni Moodley. Newcastle Advertiser 30 October
2012 Studying in Switzerland. Estelle Sinkins. The Witness. 2 October 2012[_id]=88632 _______________________________________________________________________________________